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[11:46:06 PM] <Aly Chiman> Hello there,
[12:33:02 AM] <> <audiobang. net>administration
[12:43:38 PM] <Tom Rustin (Stacked Stone Cellars)> We want you to play for Zin Fest on March 16th, can you play during the the day?
[09:07:07 AM] <WAFL> fancy..
[09:31:13 PM] <DoomGaze101> I work for Warner Brothers.. Have for a little over a decade.. I love the music.. Incredibly well done. However, I really want you to want you to work on that singing.. Not oyur "voice".. Your voice is well balanced.. It is the singing.. If you improve.. I will be sure to include you on a few projects.. If you want..
[11:14:29 AM] <Steven> Check out my debut release as King Kuula on iTunes!
[12:19:20 PM] <Yawanawa> SHAZMAZUN!!!
[02:16:51 PM] <Delaney> Hi Steven! This is your cousin Delaney... You have really great music. I've TRIED GarageBand, but it's really hard!
[05:15:53 AM] <RealityRipple> I updated the web player. It now runs on ActionScript 3, which among other things, allows for the cool new spectrum analyzer slash visualization thing. Hope you enjoy it!
[08:16:24 PM] <Robert> Dude I just recently listened to a few of your songs through my bomb-ass Bose headphones: It's like listening to something completely different. I didn't know how many little sound effects and background noises you used. Pure genius.
[04:03:23 PM] <Robert> Hey, I'm glad you're doing well. And I know when I'm being creative (writing, drawing) the impulse to completely destroy a work you've done is huge, but people find gold in your shit sometimes. You gotta embrace the success and the failure! /inspirational speech
[05:32:58 PM] <Steven> Oh dear god... I hate the vocal I did on that song so much. I'll might redo it at some point, but right now I don't even think I have a copy of it anymore. I'm pretty sure I hated it enough to delete it... But the Bay is interesting. Nice to hear from you!
[02:49:06 AM] <Robert> Oh I forgot to add, are you gonna put "Not My Day" on here? I've only heard it out of Katie's cellol phone. And that's no way to hear music!
[02:44:45 AM] <Robert> Esteban, how's life in the bay? I'm enjoying your new shit, bro. Black River Soliloquy is like audio ecstacy.
[02:37:44 PM] <RealityRipple> Okay, new lots of stuff up. If anyone finds any bugs with the site, please let me know!
[02:37:12 PM] <Nate> badass
[01:23:33 PM] <Raquel> Cody was bummed you didn't come. I gave him your love.
[02:48:14 PM] <OLopez> Hi
[03:26:10 PM] <roach> you are a one of a kind, my friend
[03:25:33 PM] <roach> you are a one of a kind, my friend
[11:32:41 AM] <Steven> I'm probably going to be up there pretty soon once I find a place to stay. Send me your e-mail address or something!
[12:11:14 AM] <Falafel> meet me in berkeley on dwight street
[10:46:50 PM] <Raquel> When are you going to San Francisco? I'm just wondering. I'm not planning on calling you everyday like I said I would or anything. I'm just curious when you're going up there.
[01:50:34 AM] <Hdx> Congrats man, Thanks to Andy here. You've officially made it into my music Library. Which means, you're streaming randomly to 45~ people 7 times every 4 days.
[11:26:20 AM] <susy> your aunt sara gave me this your smooth voice! my son is a musician , check him out at youtube search gregwood85
[10:40:51 AM] <Steve> Which pornstar are you, anyway? Hit me up! No, but seriously...
[03:03:13 PM] <pornstars> i wann bang you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[07:27:35 PM] <Raquel> steven. what are you doiinggg? I don't miss you.
[05:59:53 PM] <Sierra> Whoa, i luv ur site, this is awesome!
[10:46:08 AM] <RealityRipple> Senior Showcase video up in the Videos section!
[04:24:51 PM] <Anna> ok, i was trying to remember whether i told you "thanks, i really really love you, your drawing is amazing" or not, so i figured i could just tell you again, so yeah...
[06:09:04 PM] <RealityRipple> Okay, sorry for the wait. Download for the new song is up now. Enjoy!
[01:59:06 PM] <Tanja> my computer finally let me listen to your newest song. all i have to say is wow. i'm totally gonna be able to sell your shitty (sorry) first cd you ever gave me for big bucks when you get famous. hehe =D
[10:30:50 AM] <Emi (again lol) > forgot to say that i love Sundown that's an awesome song ♥
[10:25:17 AM] <Emi > DUDE, YOUR SONGS KICK-ASS!!!! lol u don't know me... i'm just a random girl who randomly found this site by going on google and looking up psychedelic reggae lol ... but yeah, this site's pretty gnarley... keep making songs, man, you have the best lyrics i've ever heard. anyway i'm gonna stop scaring you by talking too much... i'm sure you're like "WTF, mate??" lol so my email is, message me if you wanna talk about anything that has to do with flowers, love, music, friends, or anything really deep like flying and dreams and shit lol. PEACE, MAN. :P
[07:58:16 PM] <An admirer> I really liked the video. I enjoyed the shower.
[05:22:50 PM] <Anna> I cannot believe I forgot today there was Unplugged!!!
[03:16:41 PM] <Raquel> Unplugged was excellent! Sorry I didn't cheer as crazily as you had hoped. Thanks for joining us at the rockstar table.
[03:16:03 PM] <Raquel> Unplugged was excellent! Sorry I didn't cheer as crazily as you had hoped. Thanks for joining us at the rockstar table.
[06:14:40 PM] <RealityRipple> Slowest... Upload.... Evar! I hate my ISP. So, new song up, but no download yet. It'll be up when Steven gives it to me and I get my full bandwidth back. Till then, enjoy the 128kbps quality copy!
[06:26:42 PM] <Tanja> man. you really are talented man. with your art and the way...where's the new stuff mister?!
[02:01:46 PM] <hottiewabody20> great music my fav. is the war song you are very good.
[03:44:49 AM] <Pops> God DANG. I am so impressed, I can't not comment any longer. I am so impressed with your music, Steven. I wish you wouldn't deprecate yourself on the reggae part. It's executed really well -- it's just hard to turn the corner. You remind me of Charlie Parker, trying to rewrite the rules of jazz. I personally don't get reggae deep down like you do, but I say keep going for it. You will find a way to do with it what few / no others have done. I see so many flashes of BRILLIANCE in your songwriting, it makes me feel all goofy to think you're my son. I hope you will follow your dreams, whatever they may be, as far as you can take them. Hope you don't mind me tagging up in your area. I'm very proud of you.
[08:14:25 PM] <Raquel> P.S. The shower really is the best place to record. What a great cover.
[08:13:07 PM] <Raquel> do you know how many different variations of realityripple i typed before I finally found your site again. And now I don't know what to say. Good performance today. It was incredible. You're really talented. BTW I still listen to your CD. It is the best.
[07:45:20 PM] <RealityRipple> Woo! New video section added!
[05:58:15 PM] <Anna> You're amazing (I already told you like 100 times, I know, but it's true)! Thanks for the live performance today!!!
[12:02:21 PM] <Jailout2000> O.o
[07:28:08 PM] <Raquel> Hey Steven, I just wanted to let you know that I've been listening to your music, and I still really like Clocks.But Fishing Net is pretty damn catchy. War Song is one of my favorites too. More importantly I have super weird things to tell you. So remind me to tell you them.
[10:16:58 PM] <Alyssa> Andy had me listen to your music a while back, and as a musician myself, I'd just like to say that I have a deep appreciation for your music. I think it's lovely. =]
[01:49:49 AM] <Sandra> I must say, your music is amazing. I can tell you have a lot of passion, but, woah. It's not just in singing but everything else. I have to take my hat off to you. The world needs more of these true musicians. like yourself. You came up in conversation when I asked iif anyone he knew was doing a music major (I'm thinking of doing it). But, I'll be keeping my eye on you.
[07:12:50 PM] <Raquel> kjhkljhhkhkjhkh i don't what to say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[11:25:16 PM] <Raquel> Sup, Wanker?
[05:13:28 PM] <Steven> Easy with the Gilmour-era Floyd reference!
[12:16:12 AM] <RealityRipple> So Steven, it's up and working. What do you think? Look good? Need changes? Need additions? WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?????
[12:10:18 AM] <RealityRipple> And this would be the second one. I think everything's working correctly.
[11:59:41 PM] <RealityRipple> This is the first test message!